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Calypso is one of my paintings feeling the heat of a summer day. It's acrylic on canvas - 80x100 For sale for lovers of music or others. Enquire price on my email:

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My 2023 Calendar

This year I decided to compose a calendar of some of my newest works of 2022. I offered the calendar to friends, family and my art collectors. This is a limited edition. Most of these works are for sale directly through me. Acrylic on Canvas. mostly..............

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It's this day again. The day my beloved country was attacked and ripped out of balance. Every year I recall the devastation and the great loss families and friends had to endure. USA as a secure place, this feeling was abolished. Evil was present..............

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Christina-Jarmolinski-fine-art-The- Opening- of -my- Studio- and -Galerie- 7

Rede zur Eröffnung der „Galerie 7 Art & Studios“ am 1. Mai 2022 in Tännesberg Dr. Christian Schmitt Rechtsanwalt aus München Liebe Freunde, liebe Gäste, liebe Kunstinteressierte, ich freue mich, Sie/Euch alle zur Eröffnung der „Galerie 7 Art..............

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Christina Jarmolinski - Fine Art -Taennesberg - Painting -Town Hall - Rathaus

My thoughts to my painting, "Taennesberg," which I shared with the mayor, Mr. Guertler. This painting shows of good thoughts and positive energy. Blue, to me, is the color of happiness. Blue promotes depth and a clean, wide atmosphere. Very often..............

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christina-jarmolinski-fine-art-taennesberg - mayor - -painting-town-hall-rathaus-Taennesberg - Painting - Mayor - Me -City- Hall - Rathaus

At the opening of our Gallery, Galerie 7, in Taennesberg, Bavaria, the Mayor loved my painting with the town's name of Taennesberg . Mayor Guertler was impressed by my painting statement of Taennesberg. He felt the blue so happy and inviting. After..............

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Christina - Jarmolinski - fine - art - Some of my newer works

I've spent some time painting and creating new collages. The girl in pink is a suggestion of spending a lazy afternoon. The Museum collage I added Pearls, just for fun.

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Christina - Jarmolinski - fine art - War- in- the - Ukraine

The War in the Ukraine! I am devastated at the brutality of "Big Brother!" Not only that this war is taking place not one days drive away from where I now live, the fact is it is in the middle of Europe in 2022! People being brutaly brombed,..............

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Galerie 7 Art & Studios

I am so thrilled to finally have enough space for my works. This is an old clothes designer store, which I had renovated as simple as possible. Much was moldy ( resulting in months of cough related illness). Actually since 2 years we have been..............

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Think Positive

Compliment yourself. When times are tough watch the sunset, listen to the sounds of nature, realize things get better within time. Think Positive.

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