Christina Jarmolinski, Modern Art.

Paintings Collages and Prints


My Trip to Munich, Germany in 2017 This was my first "Art Day" in Munich this year. I would like to share with you my favorite "Art Places," in Munich and vacinity. Living and studying in Germany, Munich became my favorite place to study the..............

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National Juried Art Competition/ Exhbition 2016

Rendezvous II was one of the 27 selected works by Eric Key, Arts Program Director. " Eric Key is the director of the UMUC Arts Program and has more than two decades of distinguished experience in museum administration and exhibition development." I..............

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Leah and the Strawberry Moon

This time I would like to show you the many steps it takes until I have finished a painting. I had a dream about Leah and the strawberry moon one night. The voice told me in my dream, not to forget the girl's name. Waking up, I immediately jotted..............

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I am an Abstract Expressionist

After reading an interesting article in Hyperallergic, I find it very appalling that we, women artists are still neglected. How long does this must this be a "Man's World!" Thank you for the article. These are just some of my works in Abstract..............

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My Paintings submitted for Art Competitions

These are some of my paintings and mixed media works I am submitting in this year's National and Regional Art Competitions. Many are mixed media. Although I always experiment to find new means of expression, I do see a common thread within all of my..............

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The Golfer-Award winning

This award-winning painting was executed for the Hyatt Regency Golf Resort and the Dorchester County Center for the Arts presenting The 2nd Annual Plein Air Golf Tournament and Cocktail Party sponsored by PNC Wealth Management Sunday, May 15, 2016..............

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The Holy Week

This is a small collection of my interpretations of Jesus Christ from Good Friday, the day he was crucified, until Our Lord's Ascension. I have worked with different mediums, ink, collage, watercolors and acrylics. I thought it to be appropriate to..............

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Family Portrait at the Keukenhof, Holland

Every portrait is a challenge. Van Gogh said it is "passion and control." I construct first, then let my feelings flow. The lighting is extremely important, especially for the skin tones. I use a lamp..............

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My Interview with Bill Cobbs

As I was looking through the many You Tube Videos I have participated in, I came across this Video with Bill Cobbs. It was such an exciting evening in Fort Myers at the Art Act Auction, which I truly miss. Bill Cobbs was so kind and polite. He is..............

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NTV Video interview in my Studio in Florida


In 1999 Roger Horne' interviewed me in my studio in Fort Myers, Florida. He had seen some of my paintings in a gallery in town and asked the gallery owner to contact me. This was all very exciting. A few weeks later Mr. Horne' showed up with his..............

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