Christina Jarmolinski, Modern Art.

Paintings Collages and Prints


The Tree Little Piggies and the Big Bad Wolf

I wrote The Tree Little Piggies and the Big Bad Wolf, for my Grandson this year. It was meant to be a pesent for him, never-the-less I have had many requests for it. I have translated it into German and am selling it there. The problem is the printing. It is too costly to print more editions, so...

NTV Interview with Roger Horne' N-TV in the 1990's

An interview in the late nineties with Christina Jarmolinski by Roger Horne', producer and director of N-TV . This interview is spoken in German. While searching through art galleries in Fort Myers, Florida for something unique, Roger Horne' discovered some of my paintings and drawings. He...

Tom Hafer opens Christina Jarmolinski's Art Show of Spiritual Works

Reverend Tom Hafer held a very spiritual opening introduction to my works. Thanks Tom.

Interview with artists Pat Cleveland and Christina Jarmolinski 2011

Pat Cleveland is a great artist, who expertly paints large-scale flora and fauna in Fort Myers. She has many works inspired by Georgia O'Keefe.

Art Auction at the Harborside Convention Center

A short interview with Robert van Winkel - Chief Meteorologist at Wink TV in Fort Myers.

Christina shows in the Robinson Gallery

An Art show in the Robinson Gallery in AI&G - in Salisbury,MD.

Interview with Curator Claudia Goode

Interview with Claudia Goode, curator of Act Gallery, Fort Myers, FL.

Our New Gallery


Interview with Gertraud Schoen (in German)

Interview with Gertraud Schoen from Augsburg Germany.

Syzygy Gallery After One week

This is a short video of our gallery showing what it looks like after being one week open, there is still plenty to do but it looks like a Gallery