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Fusions of Color - Contemporary Art by Christina Jarmolinski

Christina Jarmolinski - Contemporary artist - Conceptional Art -Storyteller with Paint - Pop Art -  Intuitive Artist -

"Art is where my heart is."

"I believe Art is a form of meditation" CJ

"After decades of painting, experimenting with color, paints and gluing papers, I have decided now is the time to explain the development of  my art. Living in Europe and the US I have been influenced greatly by the art of Old Masters, Modern Art and architecture.

"An edgy artist who loves to experiment using found objects, torn papers, gold plate, newspapers and more, Christina Jarmolinski says her art is not mainstream.  Her forte is figurative painting, which she has abstracted in her collages and assemblages.  Having studied art and languages in Europe, Christina has become established in the International and US art scene.  She has mastered many techniques including sculpture, ceramics, painting, murals and more.  She worked as a stage designer, adult and children’s art instructor and jewelry designer. " A quote from Arts for Act Gallery in 2013 in Fort Myers, Florida.

Colors and patterns are the tools to express my art and emotions. through my many worldwide travels I have learned to comprehend diverse environments, society, politics and religions. Life and Death is also expressed in my works. Throughout the years I have been influenced by the artists below.[]=avai...

Matisse,; Kandinsky,,

The Blue Riders, Die Blaue Reiter,; Frieda Kahlo,


I am a contemporary artist. My knowledge and execution of art is the result of years - long studies with my mentor, professor and later husband, Erich Schmidt-Unterseher+. Studies in Munich, Salzburg and Florida.

Hence focusing on the Old Masters I have developed my own language. The majority of my work ranges from Conceptional Art, to Abstraction to Surrealism, (primarily in my collage works) onto portraits.  Very often I start in a certain topic, a concept, using solely acrylics and collage.  My art tells stories. So I guess I am a story teller with paint. My art is autobiographical and  visionary. Through the use of complimentary colors, blocks of colors, light and shadow with color, I merge them to sing a song and tell a tale. In my studio I am alone fabricating another  world.

As Cezanne, the Father of Modern Art once said, " A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art."

Therefore throughout the four plus decades of my life as an artist, my style has naturally changed. I have been recognized for my “Jarmolinski-Blue,” as a dear friend and artist of realism, Pat Cleveland+ in Florida, once stated.

Teaching art gives me great pleasure especially when my students are amazed and happy about their works.

Please take the time to view my many videos of past shows and interviews.


I have received prizes and recognition for my art, for which I am thankful and much has been written about my Art in the US and Europe.

My art has been shown and collected in US,Europe and Asia.[]=avai...

I additionally  studied  languages and gemology, which opened many new doors for me.


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My art is shown and collected internationally.

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