"Funky Legs" Installation by Christina Jarmolinski

Recycled Art- Mickey by Christina Jarmolinski

Recycled Mickey- Theme for a show- recycling. I used the background wood -leftovers from building an archway. Mickey is a balloon I gave to my son, the octopus was a table deco and many more.

It was shown in Sanibel Island  and featured in Tropicallia magazine. 

Art Is Where My Heart Is

This is the cover of one of my art books, with a small summary of my works.

The Blue Angel is designed upon my painting of UNITY

Designed by Rob de Koter.

It's Raining Pennies From Heaven....................... Assemblage

This  mixed media was shown  in a juried  Art Show at Sydney & Berne Davis Art Center  in 2012 -the Theme-"It's Raining"

South Beach

South Beach, Miami Florida

The oldest Art Deco Deli in Miami...................

Mountain Lake in the Himalya

Fantasy of World Unity

Living in Europe and traveling extensively, including India, I painted a conglumerate of impressions on  large-scale wood canvas.

Design for Competition of Altar Mural "The First Church Congregation V"

A juried competition for an altar in Soest, Germany.

Design for Competition of Altar Mural "The First Church Congregation IV"

Design for Competition of Altar Mural "The First Church Congregation III"

Welcome to Christina Jarmolinski's Website of Contemporary Art

Welcome to Christina Jarmolinski's Website of Modern Art

" Art is my life"- I create modern art, sometimes funky and then spiritual. 

 In the past I have been recognized for my figurative art. Throughout the years I  my works have evolved  from Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art.

 Loving the freedom I have  experimenting with objects as coins, old torn wall papers, gold plate, newspapers etc. my art is   SANS FRONTIER - without boundaries and out of the box.  


 Christina is is an international award-winning artist. 

 Mixed Media allows her to create surreal expressions. She includes working in Juxtaposition -"the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side," which gives her the freedom to disregard tradition or "realism".

 She merges papers and other items with paint.-,  Robert Rauschenberg called this Combine Painting.  In the 90's Christina met with him and was influenced by his works. She has developed her art over the last 30 years in  Abstract Expressionism, Expressionism, and Pop Art

 See Jarmolinski's  "Homage to Andy Warhol.

 "Pop art is a way of liking things. "(Andy Warhol)

 Her passion for photography also created new possibilities to express herself and integrate this into her Pop Art works.

 Figurative art and the abstraction of the human body is one of her forte's. Portraits are the "disciplined works," which she enjoys executing through connecting with her subject.

 She studied art in Austria at Oskar Kokoshka's School of Art, in Munich, Germany and at the University of Trier, Germany.

In a nutshell -"ART IS WHERE MY HEART IS"- Christina Jarmolinski.

"My spiritual pathway has been unique,seeing the world with the eyes of an artist, experiencing the contrasts of the Rotang Pass at 13000 ft in the Himalayas to watching the sunset in Florida.

I have recently moved my studio and home to Maryland,  enjoying Delmarva on  the Atlantic. - And the Atlantic is where I started my journey."

Christina Jarmolinski's work is shown internationally and her art is being collected in many countries.

 Feel free to inquire if you are interested in a piece or for more information about displaying Christina Jarmolinski's art   contact  Christina

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Picasso-Quote.-"Every child is an artist..............

Mixed Media painting by Christina-"a corner of my studio."

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso "I have presented a small collection of some of my "Fun-Art." It makes me happy creating these and does keep my "inner-child" laughing...........I..............

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Island Breeze- Mixed Media by Christina Jarmolinski

Island Breeze-  mixed media-finished.-Christina Jarmolinski

Island Breeze - mixed media. I completed this piece working all day yesterday and into the night to find the solution I wanted. The prior blog shows the work in progress. Now I am finished. I think.............. I will let it rest on my easel in the..............

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