Christina Jarmolinski, Modern Art.

Paintings Collages and Prints

The Snail - Lapis Nuggets -Bamboo Coral

"Today, much of the originality in jewelry design comes from unusual stones used to create unexpected designs."

The Snail is "a great symbol and adaptability  and of course, growth. The spiral on the shell has its own special significance though. The meaning of the spiral changes across cultures and time."

I love the tranquility and assurance the snail exudes. This 1.5" snail is from Tibet and is brass. I designed the cut and  unpolished lapis nuggets with natural color sponge bamboo,very unusual, and tiny sun stones. The hand crafted clasp is Tibetan in brass.

Wear a piece resembling a design out of a museum's collection.

26.00 Inch
1.50 Inch
$ 175.00