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Signature Piece Landscape Agate Pendant

"Today, much of the originality in jewelry design comes from unusual stones used to create unexpected designs."

This Signature Piece Landscape Agate Pendant is an amazing example of what nature has to offer. You can only get excited over the landscape agate pendant. It looks like a painting. Each time I see it I am in awe.

I mainly combined this beauty of 3.5" plus another 1.5" as center pendant with Pyrite beads and 9 hand carved carnelian beads, which look as if they came from the same mine. I found these while traveling with my son in the Italian Alps. I wired it with Argentum silver and added one small beach glass bead as one tiny Amazonite. The clasp is  1" Tibetan Silver.

You will make a statement wherever you go wearing this beauty. You can also hang it on your wall, when not in use.

I made matching earrings. These can be bought separately.

25.00 Inch
4.50 Inch
$ 195.00