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Lapis Lazuli Pendant III

I have designed a few Lapis Lazuli slabs I purchased in India. These are Afghanistan Lapis, the best the world has to offer. The mines are long closed, so I feel excited to have collected these.

This one is approximately 2" large. The Lapis, if the quality is excellent must have pyrite inclusions. These marry together in the hundreds of thousands years of growing(stones grow) . The Pyrite is Fools Gold, showing speckles and arteries of gold .  I enhanced this Lapis slab with gold colored  brass Tibetan beads and finished with wiring in gold metal and a Bohemian Crystal bead in gold.

"Crystal Healing Properties: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue crystal flecked with white and gold. It is a highly prized gemstone.

Lapis Lazuli is thought to stimulate the higher levels of the mind encouraging clarity and objectivity. It is also believed to allow the release of stress bringing deep inner peace.

Lapis Lazuli is said to facilitate self-knowledge and self-expression and, when used in meditation, to enhance psychic ability and spiritual insight.

In healing Lapis Lazuli balances the Throat Chakra and the Brow Chakra. and is believed to help overcome depression, lower blood pressure and to boost the immune system and the thyroid. Lapis Lazuli is also said to be beneficial for alleviating migraine headaches and insomnia.

Lapis Lazuli is the birthstone for September."


I just received a message from the buyer, "Thanks for the lovely gift package. Wonderful Lapislazuli ... My favourite Stone, and the golden cylinder like a Tibetan prayer Mill... You put so much love in that trinket ... "

2.00 Inch
$ 50.00