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My Trip to Munich, Germany in 2017

This was my first "Art Day" in Munich this year. I would like to share with you my favorite "Art Places," in Munich and vacinity. Living and studying in Germany, Munich became my favorite place to study the Masters of Contemporary Art, especiall those of the Blue Rider era.

Names such as:

Gabriele Münter (1992)
Adriaan Korteweg (1993)
Albert Bloch (1997)
Das bunte Leben, Wassily Kandinsky im Lenbachhaus
[Vassily Kandinsky, A Colorful Life] (1995)
Der Blaue Reiter und das Neue Bild (1999)
Alfred Kubin—The Lithographic Oeuvre (1999)
Gabriele Münter, The Printed Oeuvre (2000)
Franz Marc (2005)
Gabriele Münter, Die Reise nach Amerika, Photographien 1899-1900, Die Jahre mit Kandinsky, Photographs 1902-1914 (2006/07)
Kandinsky. Absolute, Abstract (2008–2010), in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, Paris, and the Guggenheim Museum, New York

can be viewed and studied there. This was my home of many years of admiring and studying my favorites.

This blog I will end with a walk down the Schwabinger Strasse, an artist section of Munich.

My next blog will show some of the beautiful architecture of the cathederals and churches in Munich.