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Create Zen - Art Meditation and Art

Create Zen - Art
Meditation and Art
Open Studio
with Christina Jarmolinski,
Professional artist, art instructor and author

Starting Tuesday, October 3, 2017 12:30-3:30 PM


Salisbury, MD.
Tel: 443 736 4315

Create Zen- Art

“Meditative Art is a spiritual practice in the process of creating.”
Zen art practice is not Art Therapy but a spiritual practice of connecting yourself to the present, being aware of the peace of the moment.
I will guide  you along a path to find your “own meditation inspired art.” through visual meditations, always a feel-good meditation with positive thoughts and energy. After each meditation you will have the opportunity to paint, draw or collage  your impressions, visualizations and feelings onto paper or canvas board. It is a wonderful  experience with your “Art Friends” in class. You can explore your “Inner self..”
Our minds are focused on the adventure of colors and texture of the weekly meditation.

You are welcome to meditate and work  in the private atmosphere of my art studio.   In the past I have worked as a “meditation artist” in Paracelceus Colleges in Germany with the accent on Mandala Meditations and Meditative Art, besides working in Florida in an Institute for Art Therapy. For years I have offered  Zen Art classes in the USA and in Germany.

Let the paints and thoughts flow and have fun creating your meditation board to use later at home while meditating.
Each class is limited to 8. *
You will have the opportunity to show and share your artwork in every session.
Through the application of colors, acrylics and papers,
you will be able to transform your works to new and exciting
meditation boards.
All are welcome. Beginners and advanced. We are an open
group all learning from each other.

Supplies for this course:

Acrylic studio paints such as Liquitex Basics
Watercolors, colored inks
in Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Cadmium real Red
cadmium Yellow
Brushes: synthetics are good enough-round, flat sizes 2-12
palette, palette knives
Canvas: stretched or canvas boards 16x20
Paper towels or rags
Wallpaper adhesive or Mod Podge
papers, magazines to cut out or photos

Tuition: $25 per session
* Open Studio = come as you can, but with RSVP letting me know in advance,  so you are certain to have a working space available to you.

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