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After Covid 19 - how my life has changed

Hi Friends,

much has happened within the last 1.5 years. I have relocated to a tiny, quaint market town in the high hills of Bavaria. I found an merchant's house of approximately 200 hundred years old with window fronts. So I'm renovating.  Covid 19, Corona has also taken charge of my life. Masks have become our shopping attire. I personally have difficulties breathing through the masks. I'm glad to say, I live in a very rural area in Bavaria, pure nature surrounds me so going out and about can be done without a mask. Daily walks through the forest here are on the agenda. The is a Geo Path featuring rocks and boulders out of the stone ages, where  dinosaurs even roamed. Glad I'm not encountering the giants. I've posted in Instagram about the mountain goats, living here. Fun to feed them. Painted a few pictures of my favorite ones.  A great feeling of connecting to nature here.

If you've read my blogs you have noticed of the passing of my beloved dog after 16 years of love and affection. I mourned hard. I've painted many canvases attributing to her and the void she left behind. The last was a portrait of me and her. A silent tear running down my cheek. I truly love her. After this portrait I knew I could maybe have one more chance of finding a sweet doggie to share my life in the studio and home.

Time has passed. I've looked far and wide. Prices for dogs raised substantially for pedigrees. Some over 2500 Euros. I searched for rescue dogs. Almost had 2 found out before they were biters. Then my son sent me a picture of Shiloh. Shiloh's hobby breeder did a fantastic job breeding and training him the first 12 weeks. Now it's my turn.

He is a Eurasian/Australian Shepard mix. The biggest schmoozer ever! What luck. I'm so thankful and happy. He loves to play, roam around and go to doggie school. He's a lover.

So for the past few months I haven't been painting enjoying every funny and whity moment with him. I also love watching Ceaser Millan, the dog Whisperer for tips.

Now it's time to go. I'm driving to the doggie school about 30 minutes drive from here in the Bavarian hills.

My next painting might just be the funny laughing Shiloh above.