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Sunset in the Forest

On this paticular day, the sun had been bright throughout. As the sun was setting I saw the fierce glow through my studio window. It was amazing. So many volumes of red and orange into yellow. It was  intensive energy. I was in awe.

Using one of my larger canvas formats, I wanted to convey the intensity of this auspicious sunset. It felt like being in another place, warm and magnificent. I realize in nature the grandness of our earth and the minimal importance of ourselves. It is a comforting feeling, letting God be in command.

Later after finishing this painting, as I often do, I wrote a meditation about this experience.

#sunset #forest #red #energy #yellow #orange #meditation #canvas #acrylic #God #auspicious #abstract #surrealism #Christina Jarmolinski


Acrylic on Canvas
Abstract Surrealism
36 Inch
48 Inch