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Christina Jarmolinski - Fine Art -Taennesberg - Painting -Town Hall - Rathaus

My thoughts to my painting, "Taennesberg," which I shared with the mayor, Mr. Guertler.

This painting shows of good thoughts and positive energy.

Blue, to me, is the color of happiness.  Blue promotes depth and a clean, wide atmosphere. Very often there is a light breeze and a blue sky on a warm summer day as in Taennesberg.

"The meaning of blue is in this correlation a symbol of longing and space."

The church being the center of this market town.

The goats running to my call, I very often fed with carotts.

The "Geolehrpfad"  a geologic educational trail, where I walk almost daily with my dog Shiloh and it's uniqueness of this forest with it's gigantic collection of prehistoric rocks is captivating.

A circle is symbolic for harmony. You can find them in a number of my paintings.

The flowers depicting the numerous flowering private home gardens of Taennesberg.

Not to forget the two birds sitting up in the trees, a symbol of peace and love.

All in all this painting is a positive presentation of my feelings about life here in Taennesberg.